Easy Tips to Decorate Your Car for Spreading Happiness & Cheer on Sporting Events

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, we have been missing live spectators inside the stadium or sports arena. Even though organizers tried their best to identify innovative and creative ways of filling the gap, the fact remains that there is no substitute for live spectators. Virtual fandom doesn’t really work. A nail-biting finish in a basketball game, a swimmer breaking the world record, or our team marching to victory all these mind-blowing moments can never be the same without crowd participation and emotions.

It is estimated that 80 percent of American fans never get to see the inside of a stadium. That is primarily the reason why sports organizations are investing heavily in at-home or digital fan experience. Moreover, it implies that 20 percent of fans who go to the stadium or any other sporting arena have the responsibility of creating and stimulating the emotion and atmosphere that motivates 80 percent of the home fans and keeps them glued to the television.

When you are getting ready for the big game, you organize a jersey, foam fingers, and hat. You are all set to support and cheer your favorite team. But what about your vehicle? Whether you are planning to drive to the stadium or watch the game from the privacy of your home, it is a good idea to use your vehicle to demonstrate love and support for your favorite team. Keep your car decorations simple, or you may even go overboard to wish your hot-favorite star or team good luck!

Use Bumper Stickers to Boost Team Spirit

Bumper stickers are best for car décor as they are steadfast and never peel off easily. You can choose custom bumper stickers to highlight your love for your favorite team and boost team spirit. Everywhere you travel during the sporting season, you can stimulate feelings of camaraderie among fans of the same team or sports star. You may keep the car décor subtle by using a single meaningful bumper sticker or you can go overboard. You can flaunt your style and flamboyant mood by using multiple bumper stickers. Always use bumper stickers on car bumpers and not on the body of your vehicle as they may damage or ruin the paint.

Stick Eye-Catching Team Decals

You may choose a few eye-catching decals flaunting your team mascot or name. Use them on your car windows and windshield to grab instant attention before the sporting event. You can customize an attractive custom-tailored windshield decal for the special game. You may use small car decals that may remain on the car all year round, or you may go all out and customize a huge decal that you may use on the entire window for special sporting events associated with your hot-favorite sports personality or team. You can remove decals easily.

Use Window Paint Markers to Write Supportive Messages

A heartfelt message is the best form of expression of your love and support for a team. You may use some window paint markers in vibrant team colors and fortify your support for your hot-favorite team. ‘State Champs’ ‘Go Team’, or ‘Let’s Do This’ are some phrases you could use to stimulate team spirit.


There are numerous ways of decorating your car to express your love and dedication to a sports team or star. You may also use streamers, stars, flags, and even balloons besides, decals and bumper stickers to stand out from the rest!

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