Guidelines for Keeping Yourself and Your Family Safe While at a Wildlife Park

Visiting a wildlife park with your family is a great experience. However, ensuring your safety is important during this trip. You must pay attention to how animals might behave and know how to respond during an emergency. Setting a good example helps keep everyone in the park safe. Ensure you treat wildlife with respect and proper caution. Everyone’s safety depends on the use of good judgment and following guidelines. Learn more about these guidelines below:

Be Informed Before You Go

Each wildlife park is different and has particular guidelines, which include minimum anima viewing distances and requirements for store storage. Make sure to review the rules of the park before you go to the trail. 

Give Animals Space

When you and your family watch wildlife, ensure you give them room to move. In a lot of parks, you must be at least 25 yards from the majority of wildlife and at least 100 yards from aggressive animals such as bears and wolves. Through parks, you and your loved ones can view the natural behavior of animals in the wild. Generally, animals only react to the presence of humans when the latter is too close. 

Leave Wildlife Alone

Even if you are at enough distance away from wildlife, you should leave these creatures alone. Keep in that these animals can be unpredictable and wild when startled, threatened, or disturbed. Also, interacting with them can cause harm to them or humans. But in some wildlife parks, interactions with certain animals are allowed, so make sure to check on the rules and review them from time to time.

Keep Your Food Stored

When park animals are fed, they tend to come looking for more. They can be attracted to food crumbs and trash. When animals know that they can get food from people, they can become aggressive toward them. When this happens, you can be at risk of injury and the aggressive animal may need to be removed or dealt with harshly. So, keep your picnic area or campsite clean and store your food properly. Also, make sure to stash your trash. 

Report a Potential Danger

Should you and your family come into contact with wildlife, report this to a ranger. Also, if you see sick, dead, or strangely behaving wildlife, inform the ranger about this. And if see other park visitors not following rules, approach them kindly and tell them what they can do to stay safe while at the park. If they ignore you, it might be best to report their violation to a ranger or the park’s manager.

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