How Many Miles Can I Go Between Oil Changes?

The answer to the question, “How many miles can I go between oil changes?” may surprise you. The oil change interval on a vehicle varies from 3,000 to 10,000 miles, depending on the model and manufacturer. For instance, an oil change may be recommended every 3,000 miles for an Audi, but you may not need it that often if you rarely drive. Whether or not you’re planning to drive for the next year or two, it is always best to keep up with your vehicle’s maintenance.

To determine how often your vehicle needs an oil change, consult your owner’s manual. Although this information may seem outdated, it is your car’s maintenance bible. Modern cars have service reminder monitors that monitor the number of miles your car has driven. You may want to change the oil more often if you have a habit of driving long distances and driving heavily. Changing your oil on a regular basis will save you money in the long run.

You should change your oil every 6,000 miles if you have a car that’s still under warranty. Flushing the oil by a dealership will void your warranty, and it is possible to buy cheaper oil if you know what you’re doing. And, because many cars require synthetic oil, flushing the oil every 6,000 miles can help extend your vehicle’s life. That means you’ll be able to drive your vehicle further between oil changes.

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