How to Find the Cheapest Car Transport Service

When it comes to car transport, cheap isn’t always best. The car shipping industry is a “you get what you pay for” business, and you need to check reviews to see what other customers are saying. You can also save money by booking a short distance service. Below are some ways to find the cheapest car transport company. We recommend Bargain Auto Transport, which averages about $300 less than the industry average. If you’re looking to ship a short distance, American Auto Shipping offers competitive prices.

Getting multiple quotes from several different auto transport companies is the best way to get the best price. It helps you know which carriers are trying to low-ball you by offering you a low price, but later raising their prices to compete with other companies. Also, it’s a good idea to get the quotes from the car transport broker, which has access to hundreds of carriers. This may be the most affordable option, but you should always be wary of companies that offer a cheap quote.

Some car transport companies charge more for non-functional vehicles than others, so it’s worth comparing prices. While it’s important to choose a service that doesn’t charge extra for modifications, some vehicles can cost as much as $200 to transport. If you’re concerned about cost, you can Google the company and see what others are saying. If other customers are complaining about getting a single price, don’t trust that company.

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