Is CNN Licensed As News Or Entertainment?

Is CNN licensed as news or entertainment? is the question on everyone’s lips. CNN’s recent firing of Chris Cuomo, an anchor who violated standards, is an example of the network’s evasion of standards for candor. The network is currently investigating the firing. It should stop broadcasting offensive content and set a poor example. However, it might be more appropriate to call the network what it is: entertainment.

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CNN’s content licensing division offers access to over 4 million video assets spanning the 1980s to current global events. Their team works with filmmakers and television producers to craft compelling storylines with their footage. These assets are used in television shows, educational materials, music videos, and advertising commercials. While CNN is considered an entertainment company, it also provides information that’s useful to the global community. Despite the question of whether CNN is a news network, it has become a popular choice among producers.

Zucker’s exit from CNN led to a reorganization that affected how the news channel would operate. Zucker restructured the network, rehiring Morse, the executive producer of “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.” However, Zucker’s decision to end CNN+’s CNN+ subscription streaming service is a cause for alarm. According to media-tracking site Mediate, CNN+’s first two weeks of subscriptions were only a fraction of the total viewers. Despite this, the company had to explain why the service was not profitable and if it would be successful in its mission.

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