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Do you need a wedding brimming with sentiment and excellence without going over-financial plan? You might imagine that a wedding in Valle de Guadalupe #México is over the top expensive or that it could be out unattainable. Obviously, assuming you choose to get hitched in Valle de Guadalupe, México… not to mention valle de guadalupe wedding venue you will be in for a shock.

As well as offering scrumptious determination of wine, extraordinary perspectives on the grape plantation for unmatched photographs, we give the choice to utilize our provincial furniture upon the arrival of your occasion at no extra charge. Believe it or not, we are one of a handful of the wineries in Valle de Guadalupe that offers this choice, we likewise suggest wedding organizers among different providers who have worked with us and who likewise know how to feature the creativity of our setting. We know it’s challenging to design a wedding from away, thusly we vow to constantly keep you in touch with the right merchants. We are 100 % bilingual.

The Amazing Deck

This part is a half concealed deck and is commended by 10 pergolas and a 60 ft. wood bar. You get the best perspectives from this region, catching the delightful night falls on the east side and grape plantation on the west side. Preparing it a total setting to be utilized for your #wedding event. *We oblige our clients’ needs with earlier anticipating the day of the occasion. This segment has a limit of 300+ individuals.

The Nursery

This level landscape segment has a wonderful blend of succulents, palm trees, bugambilias, and enormous agave plants. What a magnificent assortment right? For quite a long time the proprietor of the property subtly took succulents anyplace she went. Presently a days, her assortment of succulents can be shown all through the property. The succulents are especially valued and structure an enormous piece of our “rural style” garden set-up. In a corner, sitting above the grape plantation, you can find a little bugambilia covered structure ideal for facilitating private functions.

For the vast majority years couples and families have been utilizing our nursery segment celebrating conjugal associations, sanctifications, birthday events, and so on! We can’t hold back to assist you with building your recollections at Vines de la ERRE. The Nursery area is ideal for facilitating 50 – 100 individuals.

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