Some of the Worst Car Engines Ever Made

The GM HT4100 was a major misfire, and the 2.2 I4 was no different. Its head gaskets cracked easily and was notoriously noisy. The 2.3 Lima was gutless and not much better than a blown head gasket. The early odd-fire V-6s from Cadillac and Chevrolet were also awful, though they were at least convertible! In any case, if you’re looking for a bad engine, you’ll want to steer clear of these. Click here Mallumusic for more information.

Cadillac’s ill-conceived engine was so horrid, the company discontinued all production of its unique car engine. Even the “reborn” Cadillacs now use Chevy engines. The 4100 V8 was woefully underpowered and terribly unreliable. The V8-6-4 was trouble-prone and only lasted a year before giving up. The Vega also didn’t last very long and its owners would have to buy another car and another engine.

The Ford V-8 had a cast-iron head and was very heavy. It was the first mass-produced engine to run out of puff at 5000 rpm. It was supposed to be a futuristic sports car, but the design was a disaster, and the company had problems integrating it into local production and supplier facilities. The Triumph V-8 was a much more modern design, tunai4d but it shared tooling with Saab’s new four-cylinder engine. However, it was still quite heavy and poorly engineered for the Ford Taurus.

GM also deserves a lot of flak for its poor engine designs. The small-block V8 engine was one of the worst ever produced. Despite being a popular car, it was no match for the Pinto 2300 four. It also had a terrible reputation for exploding gas tanks. While this car did not come close to a Vega, it was still a decent engine.

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