The Education System Flaws

There are many problems with our current education system. One of the main flaws is the emphasis on grades and test scores. While grades are important, they do not accurately represent a student’s intelligence or learning potential. In addition, students are under enormous pressure to achieve good grades in difficult classes. As a result, their creativity suffers, and they fail to become lifelong learners. The following are some ways the education system fails to foster lifelong learning.

Ineffective instruction. A major flaw in the education system is the focus on testing, which is too often too high. The system encourages teachers to teach to the test rather than to individual students. In this way, students may fall behind or drop out of college. Ultimately, students may not learn the material they are supposed to learn, so their education is limited. This can also lead to social promotion, which can cause students to drop out of college.

Unnecessary constraints. Some schools restrict movement. Ken Robinson talks about schools killing creativity. It is impossible to learn everything in a school. Instead, students are forced to conform to meaningless standards. Further, many schools require students to complete certain subjects. Moreover, they are not allowed to express their true passions. As a result, students end up not learning anything useful, but rather working for a paycheck instead of their passion.

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