Why Don’t People Want to Go For a Health Checkup?

Despite the cost of a regular health checkup, many people do not want to go for it. However, a health checkup is an important part of staying healthy, and without a yearly examination, many people risk developing serious diseases and chronic conditions. Without the proper oversight, even seemingly harmless health problems can become serious. The purpose of a checkup is to detect these health issues before they turn into major ones.

The benefits of a health checkup are clear. Early diagnosis is critical for people with diabetes and other conditions, which are borderline. With proper care and expert advice, these conditions can be reversed. Having early detection can reduce the complexity of treatment and reduce the risk of complications. Even a two-hour checkup can provide clues about problems before they become serious. Moreover, it can save a person a lifetime of pain and misery if it’s detected early.

Fear of visiting a doctor is a common reason for not going for a health checkup. It is a phobia caused by a fear of medical tests or diagnosis. Many people are scared of needles or the discomfort of having their blood drawn. They don’t want to visit a doctor in case they get bad news. In addition, avoiding medical appointments only makes the person more prone to health problems later.

In a study, men are more likely to skip their checkup than women. A study by the Cleveland Clinic revealed that 72 percent of men would rather be doing household chores than going to the doctor. Even those who did attend a health checkup were often reluctant because they didn’t want to hear about lifestyle changes. Increasing costs of medical care also contribute to the decision to skip the checkup. According to a recent 2020 Databank study, 32 percent of families did not get a health checkup due to cost.

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