Why isn’t the Education System Changed If Everyone Hates It?

If everyone hates the education system, then why isn’t it changed? Well, for starters, most parents can try teaching for a couple of weeks, but the chances of that are slim. So, we should focus on what we can change. Here are some tips:

Shorten the school day – Many students have trouble staying in class for long periods of time. Shortening the school day would allow children to focus on their interests more effectively and learn in different ways. The traditional school system teaches children life skills and gives them better career options. Not only is it important for children to complete school, but it also gives them a strong social foundation and helps them connect with others.

Eliminate standardized testing – One of the biggest problems in the American education system is the excessive reliance on standardized testing. In fact, most schools are judged on how well students perform on standardized tests, and critics say this is one of the biggest problems in the system. Pressure from testing students can result in a teach-to-the-test approach and a decreased focus on subject areas that are not tested.

Develop students’ critical thinking skills – While the system does encourage students to be critical thinkers and develop creative skills, it also discourages them from using these skills for real-world purposes. For instance, in schools in North Korea, children are taught about revolutionary history and the activities of their leaders, and are also encouraged to develop their own unique talents and make connections between them. The result is that their intellectual curiosity and ability to learn are not fueled by such teaching methods.

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